Slot machines or video slots – a popular type of gambling entertainment, popular all over the world. In the machine, the gambler bets for money and tries to get it back, collecting a combination of several symbols. Many modern slots have additional bonus features, mini-levels, making the gameplay more interesting and dynamic.

But the main reason for the popularity of slots in the tension that feels a person who has decided to risk the money. Gambling in the slots has a completely different taste than when playing roulette or poker. No wonder that the slots bring up to 70% of the income of the U.S. gaming areas!

What are the slot machines

Slot machines originated in 1891 thanks to Brooklyn developers. The prototype had five reels that spun to make combinations. But initially the most popular were three-reel machines, because it was easier to make them, more profitable. Created in 1899, Liberty Bell machine knows every experienced gambler.

Today the number of video slots is enormous. Among the variety you can distinguish three main groups:

  • classic with three reels;
  • Traditional with five reels and paylines;
  • Modern with a different number of reels, the original calculation of combinations, additional features.

Is there a limitation on the iron?

Many authors write that you can use any PC to play video slots, but in fact this is not quite true. Most video slots use HTML5 or Flash. The former is not supported in older browsers, the latter is restricted in every way in newer ones. And you can not always just upgrade your browser: not every computer can withstand modern Chrome, capable of “eating” one tab half a gigabyte of RAM. The same applies to mobile devices. It is worth saying that online slot machines without problems available on any device.

Theoretically the machines go everywhere, virtually everything depends on the computer, browser, Internet speed and developer. Sloppily made games hang more, do not handle clicks, slow down on the animations. Determine whether your device is suitable for video slots easiest way: download the demo and play it for about thirty minutes.


Slots online is very popular and can easily become an important part of your leisure. The main thing – choose applications on an interesting topic and with the gameplay that suits you. Do not be afraid to experiment and try new things: all video slots have a free version, exactly repeating the game with real money. Getting acquainted with the demo allows you to assess the benefits of the machine and develop a betting strategy for rubles or dollars.

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